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Living Life on the Open Road

Sweet Jane and the Open Road
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My name is Jane and i started this community for people who like to go on road trips. I myself love to drive cross country or at least make cross-country =P
I'm from California and have studied 2 years of college in Western Massachusetts. I have driven cross country once from Berkeley, CA to Boston, MA and have done a lot of driving in the San Francisco Bay area and random parts of New England.
I am currently back in CA and I hope to travel cross-country to MA again in the near future, most likely in late august or early september. Since i drove a northern route last time, i'd like to go through some southern destinations this time, including some of the following: SoCal... Colorado...Texas...New Orleans...Floria...Richmond, Virginia... D.C. ... New Jersey...NYC. Once i'm there i'll probably live in MA and hit some sweet spots like Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, and Canada. If i'm running low on time during my road trip to MA, i'll save some of the east coast points of travel for my road trip back to CA, as i'd like to be back home by Thanksgiving.
I was recently driving my dad's old car, a thirteen-year-old Lexus, but i totaled it, whoops. but we totally lucked out and got $7,500 for it, which was more than what it was worth before the crash. As of mid-july, I've got a 2000 Altima with only 24,000 miles on and a great warranty. Can you say road trip!!!
On a side note, i'd like to make some cash along the way and find some people to chill with instead of staying at lame motels. If you've got a couch or a place you'd recommend working for, let me know! As for a job, i'd love to work at an independent movie theatre or rental place (NOT blockbuster!!) or somewhere else laidback. I've got tons of experience doing community service with diverse clientele, including the gay community, people of color, women, children, political groups, and the less fortunate. I've had a few internships for social and political organizations. In terms of jobs, i've worked at a small grocery store, as a sale associate at a ghetto Banana Republic (well, as ghetto as BR can get) and i recently quit my job working at a movie theatre chain, not cause i don't love movie theatres, but cause i hate chains. Okay, no more rambling.
This site is definitely under construction. Visit often for updates =D
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